This mockup is a UI redesign for the Forkaia employee portal.

Software Used: Illustrator, InVision Studio
Project Duration: 3 weeks
The employee portal is a page that provides employees access to their team's virtual collaboration space in the company's remote setting. 
Originally, the content of the employee portal page had features that were all very similar, making it hard to differentiate the different sections and features available to employees.
After conducting some initial research, employees complained that it was difficult to see the various sections of the portal. 
With this information, I changed the color scheme of the page to provide better contrast, I inserted a menu for easy navigation, and I increased the size and legibility of the features themselves. Finally, playing on "cockpit" as the name of the employee portal, I enhanced the overall aesthetic to encompass the feeling of a flight deck.

Forkaia Re-Imagined Cockpit

Full process documentation can be found here

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