This piece is a branding pitch for a vinegar brewing family based in Reno, NV 

Software Used: Illustrator, Dimension
Project Duration: 2 weeks
Benna House Vinegar Co. is a Reno based brand focused on providing quality vinegar products with that wholesome homegrown taste. 
Known for their strong relationships and deep roots, they are committed to producing the best quality, home-aged vinegar. Inspired by their relatives in Benna, Italy, they produce a sharp and bold vinegar blend you'll never forget.  
"Where red wine gets a second chance"
Process ---------------------------------------
Brand Identity: The Benna House Vinegar symbol is a literal representation of a vinegar barrel while doubling as their initials "bh." The barrel relates to the method of creation while also emphasizing the strong commitment to producing a high quality, unique, and homemade product.
Full process documentation can be found here.

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