This speculative product line lies within a fictional world entertaining a society that wishes for different emotional, physical, and personality traits and has those wishes granted through a commercialized product with instant results.
Software: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign
Project Duration: 4 weeks
FG Collective stands for “fairy godmother collective.” This title is inspired by the nature of my proposed speculative products making individual’s desires for different physical, emotional, and personal traits come true instantly.
Instead of having to put effort into developing skills over time, complaining about absent physical features or changing personality traits, individuals can use lotion, take a pill, wear a patch, or smell a scent to immediately enhance themselves in the product’s prescribed way.
This form of extrapolation transforms items that are currently used in the present day into products for this future context.
Beauty products, pain pills, and essential oils are significantly used in society today as methods for individuals to temporarily change their appearance, pain relief, or healing. As fairly short-term and limited products, items today make insignificant changes on society.
The development of powerful and accessible enhancing products will change the way people think about themselves, how they interact with each other, and how they perceive challenges in their surroundings.
Process documentation can be found here

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